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A Clean Boat Starts Here.

We only use top-of-the-line tools and cleaners! All of our boat cleaners are trained and professional.

"Great work!"

"Wow, looks great!"


Our Services
Contact us today for a quote ~ 612-295-9909

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or One Time Boat Cleaning

This Service includes: Topside Wash and dry, Sides + Waterline Wash and dry, Vacuuming, Dash Controls Dusted, Seats/Vinyl Cleaned, Stainless Steel Wash & Dry, Stern Wash & Dry, and Trash Removed

A picture of a boat before we clean it
A picture of a boat after we clean it

Starting at $3.50/foot

Buffing and Waxing

We use Milwaukee Dual Action Polishers, cutting compounds, polishes, and waxes depending on your needs.

Starting at $8/foot

Special Services

Mold/mildew removal or any other special requests

Price Differs

A person buffing a boat
A person wiping down a boat

About Us!

We are insured and offer a wide variety of services starting at just $3 per foot! 

Lake Minnetonka Washing Co. Was started by 2 ambitious high schools kids wanting to start a business. We came to the conclusion that boat cleaning was right for us because of how we lived on the lake and had lots of experience cleaning our parent's boats. We also figured it would be kind of fun to get to drive around in a boat everyday cleaning other people's boats and spending time together. We started off just cleaning the surface of boats, but now we have expanded into buffing, waxing, compartment cleaning, etc.

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